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"We change outcomes"
Outcomes Management Educational Workshops (OMEW) is a medical education company developed to provide innovative state-of-the-art, intensive medical training workshops. Since inception, our goal has been to improve outcomes

Through the use of multimedia technology, OMEW programs integrate interactive case-based seminars, video demonstrations, on-site testing and hands-on training. The programs encourage audience participation and offer immediate feedback to facilitate the learning process.  OMEW also specializes in webinars, enduring materials and podcasts.

Michael E. Pichichero, MD, Rochester General Research Institute and Legacy Pediatrics, Rochester, New York, in collaboration with various other renowned specialists, developed these intense training programs for medical providers, designed to maximize the attendee's learning experience.

The courses are CME approved and implemented in accordance with ACCME through the joint sponsorship of medical associations and OMEW.

Rave Reviews

“LOVED YOUR COURSE! You will get positive advertisement, I am sure, from all your course audiences. There are many drs. I will talk to about this course. I highly recommend it.”
--Carla Morris Taylor

“Excellent combination of learning tools. Great course.”
--Carrie Davis Oss

“Excellent course! Great hands-on training session.”
--Donald Glenn

“The course was highly informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Dr. Pichichero was very interesting and a highly effective speaker. The course was a very good size and allowed for more 1: I interaction. It was an extremely, organized course.”
--Jeanne Torony, MD

"A CME bargain”
--Richard Baum, MD

“This clarified a lot of confusion for me. Most helpful.”
--Debra S. McKay

This was an excellent program worth spending a Saturday enhancing my knowledge in the field. Dr. Pichichero - excellent! The supporting staff was also wonderful.”
--Jose Acosta

“Very valuable. Will recommend highly. Thanks.”
--Sharon Sandercock

“Your program was fantastic. Very well balanced information.”
--Aguida Atlanson, MD

“Course was very helpful. Thank you.”
--Renee Grob

“Excellent, informative course!”
--Joann Villamarin, MD

“Excellent course. Speaker was well prepared and enjoyable to listen to. Would highly recommend.”
--Judith B. Larkin, MD

“Excellent. Thank you.”
--Amarish Sheth, MD

“Excellent course. Would definitely recommend this to my fellow pediatricians. Dr, Pichichero is an excellent and definitely helped in updating me on the subject.”
--Andrew Guevarra, MD

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